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Welcome to our new website for 2018 and beyond…….

For some time now we have been promising a new fresh look for our website and social networks. Well even getting into social networking is a great leap forward for the society so we are really excited to be moving ahead with the changes.

We have also canvassed you the members, on what you wanted to see on the site and we hope we have listened correctly to your comments from our survey and that they are incorporated in the new site. Whilst there is a lot of content from the old site, as this is what members asked for, there is also some new features such as:

  • New Blog feature – Here you can post anything you think would be interesting to other members and also comment on other members’ posts. A great feature which we hope you will use to good effect.
  • A more regular newsletter feature – Instead of the one a year newsletter we are looking at a quarterly mailshot to all members with relevant and up to date news and information. Again this falls in line with members wishes for more up to date information.
  • We are working hard on the photo galleries which were a little neglected on the old site so please bear with us on this. You will also have the opportunity to upload photos you may have to the site either on the blog or to be sent to our webmaster for inclusion in a gallery. More on this later.

We hope you like the new format which we will update regularly and hopefully attract more members as visitors to the site. We also want to encourage younger school leavers to interact with the site so we are in talks with the Grammar School to make this happen.

If you have any comments on the new site or wish to contact us then please use the contact form and a member of the committee will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our New Online Shop is opening for business very soon.

We have for some time been toying with the idea of selling our merchandise online. Well, we have now decided that we will try this out and offer our members the opportunity of buying through the website. We will update you when this goes live.

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