Class of 1950 Reunion 2018

Report of the ‘Class of 1950’ Reunion meeting held at The Five Lamps Pub on Tuesday 20th March 2018.

The weather over the previous weekend had been very cold, snowy and bad and I had had apologies from seven of the group so I feared that the meeting might be very small. In the event eleven of us made it! As usual, the meeting was very informal, but was, I think, enjoyed by all who were there.
Those present included Mike Gadsby; John Halliwell; Godfrey Gamble; Alan Goodwin; Rod Hunter; David Pratley; John Richmond; Richard Turner; Bryan Walton; Keith Whittle and John Williams. We were also joined by Barrie Sheard, Archivist,  – who also brought with him a fascinating framed piece of original oak panelling from the actual wall of the St. Peter’s Churchyard Schoolroom into which a pupil (Thomas Holden 1692) had carved his name during the 17h century.
On this occasion, we were not able to organise a group photograph! Those who sent apologies and also good wishes to the whole group included Neville Barr (in the USA); John Bishop; John Dring(Australia); Mike Eyre (Family Funeral); John Gascoigne; Tony Holmes; David Hughes; Geoff Neaum (Jones); David Owen; Allan Squires. (If you are counting I know there are ten names here, but three of the apologies reached me at or after the meeting!)John (Dring) has confirmed that he will not be visiting the UK this year. The next meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday 2nd October 2018 again at the Five lamps Pub starting just after 12 noon. I will try to send out a reminder by email a few weeks before – but please put it in your diary.Finally, it is sadly appropriate to mark the date of David Swain’sdeath on 9th March – the news of which did not reach me until after our meeting. I circulated the information to all on email.

All very best wishes to you and to yours. Hope we shall keep in contact and (some of us) meet again on 2nd October again at the Five Lamps Pub around midday.

Alan Goodwin (1950-1957)

Further events will be added as they are organised. Event information is available via links as and when it becomes available. We are also very anxious to foster informal reunions of various groups. Two that are already well established are “The 47’ers” and “The Class of 1950″.

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