Are There Any Sleuths Out There?

Recently found within our ever-expanding electronic archives are a pair of most interesting coloured photographs taken in September 2017 just prior to the School Chapel being demolished. We were wondering if out there are any sleuths or OD’s who like History?
If so could they let us know the possible links between Derby School and the School Chapel? 
On the south elevation facing the large playground were two stained glass windows. Does anyone know their history and reason for being there? Please send your responses to OD Society Secretary, Alan Draper at

Percy Heylyn Currey – Architect of Derby School

Version 5 


“A recent archive finding is that what most OD’s remember as the Cadet Corps armoury was in fact built to house a Sanatorium for the boarders in St. Helen’s House along with a private nurse’s room and living space for two unmarried masters to occupy.
We anticipate Andrew Polkey’s revised article will be of great interest.
As archivist may I seek your thoughts on these findings and perhaps ideas where we could start uncovering more unknown history?”

Our Archivists Strike Gold

The Three Archivists Strike Gold

The Society’s three archivists, Andrew, Maurice, and Barrie spent a fascinating 3 hours on 11th October at Derby Grammar School sifting through large cardboard boxes of all types of memorabilia.

We found over 150 previously forgotten B&W photographs of Cadet Corps parades, the river swim, annual dinner events, the opening of Moorway Lane new school in 1966 and the actual Cadet Corps attendance registers from 1948 to around 1960’s, and much, much more.

We need OD’s to identify many of the photographs as they don’t even tell us what year or even what event, such a shame?

One example shown is of a school party aboard a merchant ship. My recollection is sometime around the late 1940’s a special visit was made to such a ship when in harbour or at a port, may be Liverpool?. If one looks carefully one can pick out Les Bradley as HM, Rob Butler, and Pop Burns. I recognise Barry Cope, Keith Smith, John B. Hilling, Bunting, Dyer, and Murray King. 

Can you help us date the photograph and also name the pupils and the occassion


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